“This woman is from the city,No matter what you wear,Or the temperament is different from our rural people。When she first came,There is a gangster in town taking her husband away from home to seduce her,I heard Du Xiaohong called,A bunch of people in the city,Almost killed this guy”

“Since this matter,The man in town who thought about her,Can only watch from a distance,No one dared to provoke her”Wang Xiaomei thought,And whispered to Wang Youcai。 Wang Youcai smiled and … Read More

Yao Song gave an order,The five strong men behind him rushed towards Chen Xiu,These people seem to fight together often,Familiar with each other,It’s definitely not the kind of picture in the movie,Go up and fight alone,The others are besieging the perimeter instead of attacking。

The five people make a move together,All of a sudden, five fists from top to bottom、Attack Chen Xiu from both sides,Chen Xiu can block two directions but can’t block the … Read More