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6 points on selected lotions

Lotion has become a necessary step for women’s maintenance. “Restoring baby-like skin, showing hydration, transparency, diminishing spots, firming pores .” It is not magic or even a bottle of lotion that can do this.

However, in the eyes of experts, this bottle of water is not magic at all. Dermatologists bluntly say that lotion is like buying a hope. I don’t know how long it will be effective. Improper use is more likely to damage the skin.

What is the mystery of lotion and how many functions can it play?

What is the key to dry skin or water?


What ingredients does lotion contain?

  More than 85% of the makeup water is refined water, and the rest of the ingredients depend on its requirements.

Common moisturizing lotions add water-based humectants, and also include low amounts of fragrances, pigments, surfactants, preservatives and alcohol.

About 90% of the lotion on the market surface belongs to this category.

  Exfoliating lotion contains ingredients such as fruit acid and salicylic acid.

Toners based on the best astringent function are often added with astringent, alcohol, etc., to make the keratin near the pores coagulate to achieve oil control, and it will be cool when rubbed.


Do you need a lotion?

  If you want to increase the skin’s moisturizing ability, it is impossible to use lotion alone. After washing your face, the cuticle layer of the skin has the largest accumulation. Applying lotion or cream directly will reduce the effect of water loss, but it will be better.
  Many whitening and anti-aging lotions are exaggerated.

Tonic or astringent water with salicylic acid, fruit acid and other facial blister treatment ingredients, although it is helpful for people with oily skin, acne, and horny hypertrophy, it is not suitable for long-term use.

  Such as dry sensitive skin, because the lotion contains surfactants, fragrances, preservatives, etc., which are prone to allergies, it should be used with care. It is recommended to directly apply skin care products after washing the face.


High-performance lotion is more effective than normal lotion?

  Except for simple lotion, it has n’t been introduced on the market too much, but its appearance is similar, but it is called “So-so fine”, “So-so dew”, “So-so liquid” and so on.Lotion.
Experts remind that some ingredients in the lotion are not effective, such as vitamin C, which has a whitening effect, easily oxidizes and browns.

  The high-performance ingredients in the form of water must still be assisted by fatty acids in order to penetrate from the stratum corneum to the deeper basal layer. Therefore, it is necessary to apply lotion or cream after rubbing.

  For those who are accustomed to using high-performance lotion, after two weeks of use, the effect of the product is not felt, which means that the active ingredient is too low.

Such a lotion cannot be called a good quality skin care product.


Is alcohol and fragrance in makeup water harmful?

  Look carefully at the ingredient instructions. Most lotions contain almost alcohol. Alcohol has anti-inflammatory and sedative effects. It is common in potions for treating acne and may cause allergies.

In fact, the lotion indicates that it contains alcohol, but it does not smell alcohol, and it does not have a cooling sensation that evaporates quickly, which means that the concentration is very low, but consumers need not worry too much about it.

However, when photographed on a wooden board, there is a clear cooling sensation, alcoholic taste, irritation, and discomfort, indicating that the alcohol concentration is high, and it should not be used excessively.

In some high-performance makeup waters, in order to force the penetration of active ingredients, the alcohol concentration may be higher, and those who are allergic are not suitable.

High-concentration alcohol is often used for therapeutic purposes, and long-term use increases keratin variation, so special attention should be paid.

  Fragrances are also prone to allergies. For people who are not sensitive, although purely higher fragrances can enhance the sense of pleasure when used, they have no actual skin beauty value as a whole.


Can spray lotions be used to moisturize?

  Spray-type lotions on the market can be divided into two types. One type is hot spring water, which requires sedation and soothing. It was also approved by dermatologists earlier.

For people who are allergic (such as patients with atopic dermatitis) and whose skin is red and inflamed, the hot spring water can volatilize the wound, reduce inflammation, and sunburn in summer is also very useful.

  The other is just to show the lotion in the form of a spray, the advantage is that the amount is saved, and the hands are clean.

  Any hot spring water or spray lotion, although it is refreshing and comfortable to spray, if you don’t moisturize the moisturizing lotion or cream, it will take away the moisture on the skin surface after evaporation, but it will be drier.
As an analogy, it is like licking your lips with your tongue. Even if you apply moisturizing after applying your face, it is temporary. It must still be matched with oily products to delay water loss.

The lotion must be the same brand and the same series as the subsequent skin care products?

  The experience of too many people buying skin care products is that they only want to buy single products, but because the sales staff show that using the full range of effects will be better, they bought more bottles and cans.

This is very unnecessary for consumers.

If you’re a budget-conscious consumer, you should learn to use the most effective items in this category.

  For example, the effect of whitening ingredients is actually best in lotions or essences and creams. In cleaning products, the effect of lotion is low, so there is no need to buy a complete set.

  Complex maintenance procedures do not mean that the effect can be added. It is sufficient to wipe 3 layers of skin care products at the same place. It is best not to wipe more than 5 layers. Otherwise, once it is perceived, it is difficult to cause a problem.

  The degree of skin wetness is closely related to the season and environment, and the corresponding way is also different.

Even in the hot and humid summer, I have long expected that in the air-conditioned office, it will dry out due to the rapid dispersal of water; people with poor skin barrier functions, such as atopic dermatitis, eczema patients, menopausal women lack hormones, excessive face washing and exfoliation willIf the sebum film is damaged, the lack of water will be more obvious.