Anti-tourist demonstrations set off in Europe

Anti-tourist demonstrations set off in Europe, August 12th. According to foreign media reports on the 12th, tourism is an important economic lifeline for many European countries, but too many tourists will inevitably affect the lives of locals. Spain recorded 75.6 million tourists last year, setting a recordAs a result, public demonstrations were triggered, protesting tourists occupying the city, and anti-tourist 深圳桑拿网 demonstrations spread to other popular tourist cities in Europe.

The UN Secretary-General of the World Tourism Organization, Lirifai, believes that tourism is good for society. As long as it is properly managed, it is the best partner for conservation and local communities.

  Venice receives more than 20 million tourists a year, only 5 to this inhabitant.

The small city of 50,000 poses a heavy burden, and 2,000 locals took to the streets last month to protest the increase in rents caused by tourists and the pollution of cruise ships.

  Aware of the dissatisfaction of residents, many municipal governments have recently begun to strengthen the regulation of tourism.

  Barcelona, Spain, began doubling its manpower earlier this year to crack down on unlicensed Airbnb homestays, which is estimated to be about 1.

Of the 60,000 holiday homes, 7,000 are unlicensed.

A new ban has also been implemented in the local area, prohibiting the two-wheeled electric vehicle Segway and electric sheep from entering the old city and the coast.

  The Mayor of Venice announced in June that it would hold an order prohibiting the opening of new hotels in the city center and installing machine points at popular attractions to prevent overcrowding.

  The Roman city government bans tourists from eating or playing near the fountain, and is not allowed to drink on the streets at night.

A similar ban was imposed in Milan in the summer, and selfie sticks are not allowed in the marina.

  The so-called McCann said that there are many reasons for rising anti-tourist sentiment in Europe, including the increase in the number of users of homestay agencies such as Airbnb, and more and more people prefer short-term travel.

McCain noted that short-term tourists and cruise passengers generally outnumbered staying in big cities and wouldn’t explore attractions in other areas.

In the past two years, the threat of terrorism in North African countries has indirectly increased the number of tourists in the Mediterranean.

  McCann also pointed out that anti-tourist sentiment is bad for the European economy as a whole, and the government’s inability to solve social problems is not unrelated to the increase in the number of tourists.

  The World Tourism Organization points out that the focus of attention from all walks of life on how to ban tourists from entering the country has also proposed various solutions, such as encouraging tourists to visit unpopular attractions, holding temporary events, and finding ways to attract tourists to visit in the off-season.

But the most important thing is to meet the needs of the locals who have endured the invasion of tourists.

  In addition to Spain, there are too many cities in the UK that talk too much about tourists.

Former Oxford mayor Clarkson posted on a social networking site earlier, stating that the rude attitude of tourists made Oxford a tourist hell during the summer vacation.

  Clarkson set out last week to participate in the Edinburgh International Arts Festival. He wrote before saying that he was leaving to flee Oxford tourists. He also described that Oxford from June to October was almost intolerable. Bicycle lanes were occupied by illegally parked tourist buses.It also forced the water to leak.

  The influx of tourists makes this relatively small city unaffordable, but according to the Oxford Parliament, about 7 million visitors each year bring about 7 to the local area.

800 million pounds of revenue.

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