‘Xin Zhao and Liu Chuang these two bastards,This time i see you,I must teach you well,Let you know what is the anger of the goddess!’

On the edge of Tianhe City
Xin Zhao took Liu Chuang to a stop,And Liu Chuang looked at the two angels above with his eyes wide open。
“Yo,Isn’t this beautiful angel sister!Not sleeping this night,Come here to find our brothers,Do you want to be our guardian angel?!”
“Pooh,The beauty of thinking!”
A word from Xin Zhao,Directly chasing the angel and the angel Moi to make them angry,But thinking of Angel Yan’s orders,The two of them did not explode on the spot。
“Xin Zhao and Liu Chuang, right?,The two of us will pick you up to see Lena,Please don’t resist!”
“and many more!If you can hold me,I’ll go,If you carry it,forget about it!”Xin Zhao looked at the armor of the angel chasing and the angel Moy with a little interest,The armor is not soft at first sight,I must feel nothing at all by then,Must take them off。
Liu Chuang felt that he had never seen an operation like Xin Zhao。
But he also wants to try what it feels like to embrace Miss Angel,So just shut up,Waiting for the exchange between Xin Zhao and Angel Chase。
Xin Zhao is shameless,Directly chasing the angel to take out the sword of flame,Give a good trial。But considering that the two of them are shameless,But still a good person,The angel chased and barely held back。
“Two angel beauties,You go back first,Our two gents,Ready to sing and dance,It’s really not suitable to take you together,Bye bye!”
Chapter Sixty Thinking about life while eating skewers
Angel International Resort
Angel Chase and Angel Moi,Two angels fell directly onto the balcony,Watching Lena and Angel Yan standing there“Sister Yan,Those two guys refused to come with me!”
“Xin Zhao and Liu Chuang are very alert,Your angels are now unknown to me,The two of them won’t go with you!”Say here,Lena raised her eyebrows directly at Angel Yan,Looks a little proud。
See Lena like this,The angel chased directly annoyed“Xin Zhao said let us hold them,Only then will they agree to come back with us。”