“What was doing just now?Why don’t you sleep at midnight,What is the ironware in your hand for?”Tian Lu still asked the question that she had always wanted to understand。

Ye Xingkong didn’t rush to pick up the iron,Walk outside,Under the stone steps outside is a row of parking spaces,Dozens of private cars are neatly parked,Bend down,Iron against the bottom of the car,Touch a bump on the iron,The car drove forward silently4、5Meter。
Tian Lu ran out with him,Open a big mouth“O”word,Asked in surprise:“What did you just do,Other people’s car ran that far,This、This iron is so powerful?”
Ye Xingkong pursed his mouth,Nodded。
Can use a small piece of iron to make the car drive to4Meters away,Enough to prove that small ironware is not simple。
Tian Lu is in shock,Surprised,Worried about the stall,Hurriedly called Ye Xingkong:“Can you return the car to its original position?Which is the car you just moved with your gadget?”
Ye Xingkong walked to the front of the car,Touched with iron,The car immediately returned to its original position.。Tian Lu couldn’t help but say,Hurriedly pulled Ye Xingkong back to the house。
Tian Lu hurriedly closed the door vigilantly,A little uncomfortable inside,A little worried。
Ye Xingkong always stood like a passive doll waiting to speak。
Tian Lu is like educating an ignorant child:“I now know that the small ironware in your hand has an incredible function,of course,I don’t know what singular function it will have,But please never take it out or use it in front of anyone other than me,Otherwise there will be very bad consequences,If you are not sure, you will be taken to prison by law enforcement officers as a crime of disturbing public order,Do you understand?”
Ye Xingkong flashed with big black eyes,Head up,The eyes are full of puzzled signals。
Tian Lu is bitter,Keep saying:“I didn’t scare you,After being caught,Will limit your freedom of life,Will do a lot of work that I don’t want to do every day,Do you understand now?”
Reminder to Tian Lu,Ye Xingkong nodded as if he didn’t understand。
Tian Lu turned into an old mother:“In short,Never use the iron in your hand casually in the future,Understand?correct,I’m going to interview George,I will put instant noodles on the table,Then you will eat instant noodles like I did yesterday。too late,go rest。”