Qin Feng has always relied on those vegetables,What he longs for is to build this side into various top places。

All this requires sufficient human traffic support。
Many people don’t understand this,But Qin Feng is very clear,This is the most direct thing。
If there is no one,That will become lifeless。
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Chapter Nine Hundred and Eighty Nine Rich and powerful
No matter where it is。
Talent is the most fundamental thing。
Gu Gu is starting to greet the screenwriter。
There is no way,There was no character like Qin Feng before,But now Qin Feng is here directly。
Isn’t that to create a character for him。
The screenwriter also looked at Qin Feng a little curiously and asked:“Qin Feng boss,Don’t know what your skills are?”
“I am not so clear about this,What are you talking about?”Qin Feng is really puzzled about the game,That’s why。
I heard Qin Feng’s words,The screenwriter also said directly:“What kind of difficult moves can you do??There are martial arts instructors here,If you do it with high difficulty,That can be learned。”
“I am not so clear about this,Can you show me once?”
Qin Feng really didn’t have a standard,Because he is not an ordinary person anymore,So many actions can be done,But he doesn’t know what these guys are asking for。
Since Qin Feng has already said so,The screenwriter is naturally looking for the martial arts guide。
“Mr. Qin Feng,Just like me,Can you walk a few steps directly on the wall later?”The martial arts instructor also walked five steps directly on the wall。