“I know。Don’t hate me,Anyway,We still have this relationship“Feng Yan said softly。

Wang Youcai is most afraid of women like this,He took a breath,Reached out and turned off the light in the room。It’s midnight,Even if he leaves here,He has nowhere to go。Things have become like this,It’s no use being angry。
the next morning,Feng Yan wakes up early。It seems that she didn’t sleep well,Keep yawning,It’s like a heavy smoker。
originally,Wang Youcai wants to sleep in,But something like this happened,He can’t sleep either。Hu Huiru said Feng Yan was transferred,So he can see from Feng Yan’s expression that the problem is not like this。Feng Yan does not say,Wang Youcai can’t ask too much。
Casually ate breakfast downstairs,The two went to Feng Yan’s office。Said it was a handover,In fact, there is no substantial content。Because of Feng Yan’s work,Has been handed over to an old woman named Wang Li of Dongsheng Group in Pingdu Company。What Feng Yan can hand over to Wang Youcai is a key to her office。
The other is some common supplies such as office computers。Actually, these things really don’t need to be handed over,I don’t know what Hu Huiru asked Feng Yan to do.。
There is a saying for people to take the tea cool。Wang Youcai has never been in the workplace,But he witnessed the desolation when Feng Yan left the company。Weekdays,Anyone in the company,As soon as I see Feng Yan,Have to say it respectfully“Hello, Manager Feng!”But now,When Feng Yan left the company,No one came out to send her off。
Wang Youcai’s righteousness this time,He didn’t avoid suspicion,But sent Feng Yan away from the company。While waiting for the bus on the roadside,Feng Yan smiled lightly at Wang Youcai:“Everyone is avoiding me,Are you afraid?”
“What’s so scary,Big deal quit”Wang Youcai said with a smile。
Feng Yan took a deep breath and said:“Hu Huiru is a very powerful woman。You follow her,To fight for twelve。Otherwise it will end badly,It’s no use teasing her”
Feng Yan finished,Patted Wang Youcai’s shoulder lightly,Then I got on the bus at the station。I wanted Feng Yan to take a taxi,Unexpectedly, she got on the bus。
Feng Yan got in the car with her back to Wang Youcai,Until the bus drove away,She didn’t look back at Wang Youcai,This makes Wang Youcai’s heart extremely uncomfortable。man has soul,Who can be ruthless,Wang Youcai is also an amorous man with seven passions and six desires。
Take office on the first day,Have to go to the company。Wang Youcai feels a little nervous,I walked into my own office。He just sat down,Deputy manager Wang Li came in。Wang Li seems to be in her forties,But she wears a professional attire quite energetic。
“Mr. Wang!We will work as a team from now on,Please also take care of Mr. Wang!“Wang Li said very skillfully。