“boom!!!”They were feeding dog food in the air,A strong vibration came,However, the formation was not affected。

And the attack of the blood killer,But stopped。
“what happened?”Two couples have a look,Full of doubts。
On the vast desert,Two silhouettes are fighting。
“Worthy of being the blood-clothed assassin,The strength is no less than that of the Cangxian who had formation support back then, right?。。but,The realm of the Tao should be barely reaching the realm of the Tao,Mainly an auxiliary trick,Forbidden techniques are relatively strong!”
Li Ming muttered in his heart,Without any slowness。
Three heads and six arms、Relative,Six arms without weapons,Because his body strength has surpassed the extreme of the heavenly magic weapon。
Six arms,Combine the Avenue of Stars,Like stars collide,Not fast,But with a strong rhythm that transcends the world,Crush the past。
Li Ming’s own moves—Star change-Eighth·【Moon set and stars sink】。
Stars,Already very heavy,For example, the sun star in the wild universe,Even the ancestors can’t shake。
Li Ming’s trick,Naturally can’t be compared to the real stars,But single realm,It’s already 700,000 years old!
On the burst of power,Also approaching the original strength of the earth fairy。
Li Ming,Compared with controlling the thunder beasts、When the candle dragon Taoist soldiers, they have to be stronger。
Purely use one’s own body,It’s much faster than fighting with Taoism。
This bloody killer,Insidious and cunning,But hitting him is tickle。
In fact,If it’s not for fear that the other party has a second soul,May expose his body defense,He would not even mobilize the Avenue of Stars to weaken the attack。