However, finally, it is broken to teeth.,Because there is no life,Tao Sheng also endured,Don’t be willing to further expand the situation,Especially don’t want this to further spread,Otherwise, it is not awkward.……

Even、Re-registration of 佃 佃,Both privately mild,Otherwise, Tao Sheng is also worried about the name.。
As for innocent……The means of land mergers may meet the big Song Dynasty,But for the Chu Deirers,The landlord class has the original crime,Which is a good thing?。
Chu Deirers did not change the way to change,But to the taxi to the head,How do you get done?。
It’s doing this big arrogant martial arts.,When the official is involved,Great is also pinching your nose.,But if you know who is doing?,After that, you will definitely want to think about other crimes.,I can’t get it.。
As for people in martial arts……
The famous party is the big landlord,I can’t get it, I can’t do it.,And the Salers, if it is ambiguous, there are too many official landlords.,It is the court“Operate”Chengcheng flower thief wanted,Not impossible。
Especially Song Ting,have“Chivalrous list”Contain,It’s too too much to easily。
Tumble to the gift waiter,This is already a big handset……
Tao Sheng is can’t guess who is,So don’t want to be big——Otherwise, now it is only broken.,After a big big, the dog hurriedly jumped.?
And the Chu Deirers are also looking for a good time.,Twenty-nine nights robbery、Thirty days,One Chu deer in October is already in Jiaxing,Look at the latest issue of chivalrous list!
Even if Tao Lance is really going to protect the dragon mountain,Chu Deirers also don’t believe,Leung Hill Villa“Chivalrous list”Just come out,I will face myself.,Ten eight nine will help Chu Deans cover。
What’s more, it is true that Chu Deirers are,Tao Sheng did not dare to solve this matter,even……The minister of the book before,There are also many points at once.——Let the emperor slowly think about it is!
Chapter 283 Kill
“What ghost list?How much is he gave the world??”
“Shady、Naked black screen!”
“return‘Brave,Ridge spine’?This evaluation is given to Guo Junxia.,What is Chu Taisai??”
“Brake and stop the emperor of the support……Indeed,But this evaluation is not Hu?”
“You don’t understand this.,This issue list,To be interpreted with the Jianghu small newspaper,It is said that some people see,Chu Taishang and the Master of the big Song……嘿嘿 嘿。”
“How about the owner??”
“have a meal together!”
“Help,This is sure is the pressure on the royal family.?”
“God should also have no way,I heard that this supporting hangs,The Longshan Villa is poor,Also cleared!”
Chu Deirers listened to the surroundings,Face is not too good——I didn’t expect Zhao ignorant to come to such a hand.!
Indefic“Credit”,Write clear,The most important eight-character evaluation also writes the title of the title,but……The Chu Deiren did not expect it.,I am not only resembling the list,And it was directly arching to the second!
Qiaofeng’s position before accident,After Qiao Feng did something, Zhao ignored himself on the second,And now the Chu Deirers are more than one.。
Chu Deirens just think,The first earth in the world has to re-discharge yourself into the babysitter,Zhao ignorant face is definitely very exciting,But I ignored Zhao ignored the bad water in this old boy.……
Sense“Brave,Ridge spine”NS,Do not re-discharge into the babysitting,But Zhao ignored such a hand,Not only will the Chu Debans on the fire,And the indirect black royal family。
Isn’t it going to enter the bodge??
Can,Not only enter,And give you a second,It’s okay this time.?