“It’s not time yet,We want to be wretched。You saw it before,Just because we moved a bit bigger,The blasting mercenary group will look for us as the target,And killed several members of the Miyamoto family。A few are also lying in the intensive care unit now。The Miyamoto family is panicking now,Don’t be too aggressive。”

“But if you do nothing,Is it really too late??”Firmino is still worried。Although he is the son of the foundation,But there are not many things to do by yourself。Especially this kind … Read More


Xia Chenglong agreed softly,Then pass the token to the other party。 After seeing the token, the old man glanced at the people behind him,Then they made a gesture together,Then their … Read More

“Of course I am worried!The tank actually looks down on me,I don’t know,But owe him a life-saving kindness,Don’t talk about turning or screaming at him,It’s not appropriate to show an unhappy expression to him!It’s done earlier,When he says things that hurt my face later,I just slapped him。He dare to say that I am ungrateful,I just broke the kindness of the repayment clearly!”Abao,Calmed down again and said:“But his attitude towards me has been better recently,Maybe you don’t have to go there。”

Everyone has a shot in their heart,Like Abao,What I care about most is the face issue,Insulting his face is of course something he cares about。 “I think you don’t have … Read More