And Pan Mang broke out with an earth-shaking roar,Punch out,Actually smashed the afterimage of the heavenly devil formation,at the same time,Wind Demon Shadow destroyed the two clones of Guangyu Mingjun,Demon、Fire Demon Void also killed one separately,The Wind Demon Shadow is the worst,Pounced,The other two clones are no longer difficult to intercept,Let them run,Naturally, Pan Mang didn’t dare to stay a little bit,It turned into a black smoke and disappeared。

“Oh!”The big mouths burst into thunderous cheers,Li Tianzhi is breathing like a bullfight,Dumbfounding,He also knows,Just by him and a formation,It’s impossible to kill a great god,Although occupying the right place … Read More

Ge Hong pounced on,Qing Ming’s sword pointed three times at the ancestor Qingyun,Patriarch Qingyun is the same?Three swords point out,“Zheng、Zheng、Zheng”Three times the sound of metal,Ge Hong only felt that his arm was numb。

Patriarch Qingyun won the power and not forgiving,The bloodthirsty sword in his hand swung like lightning,“Hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”In the sound of sword wind,Stabbed ten swords continuously in one breath。Rotten Books These ten … Read More

In a small chat with Lao Fu,An inconspicuous gossip caught Li Tianchou’s attention,The county is going crazy. County head Tan Hongchun was investigated,Said it was because of the power deal with the beautiful boss。This was overheard by Fu De when he went through business registration,Quandang’s chattering on the streets is okay.。

But Li Tianchou listened to,He suddenly thought of Hua Yun,I remembered the unexpected acquaintance with Tan Hongchun,I think of Pantech’s deep-seated company,There are even fellow workers in the shed。In a … Read More