no doubt,He is a variable,For the ultimate goal of this mission, King of the Flies,His existence,Is the key to mission completion,At the same time for General Will’s command,This one goes beyond the three realms,The guy not among the five elements,It is also a variable that cannot be ignored。

“Lu Menglin,what do you mean?”General Will’s face is not angry and majestic,Shouted in a deep voice。 In full view,Lu Menglin stretched a big waist,In a lazy tone,Said slowly:“I mean,you are … Read More

“Yes,”The calmness of my boss affected Xiao Liu,He calmed down quickly,After drinking,He said to Huang He:“That’s it,Just now,A bunch of people came with Rawls around their necks·Royce’s work permit person,Ask if you are interested in coming to Rolls·Royce,And said that as long as everyone is willing to come、Rolls·Royce signs a contract,Rolls·Royce will take care of their work visa issues;

In terms of treatment,They said that the treatment of all Huaxia employees is similar to that of Rolls·The local employees within the Royce Group are the same,Will not treat everyone … Read More