“This woman is from the city,No matter what you wear,Or the temperament is different from our rural people。When she first came,There is a gangster in town taking her husband away from home to seduce her,I heard Du Xiaohong called,A bunch of people in the city,Almost killed this guy”

“Since this matter,The man in town who thought about her,Can only watch from a distance,No one dared to provoke her”Wang Xiaomei thought,And whispered to Wang Youcai。 Wang Youcai smiled and … Read More


880 Liu Yibai Chen Xiu went outside the mine,It’s daytime,And the sight outside the cave surprised him,I saw corpses everywhere outside the cave,Blood flowed into a river,bullet、The smoke after the … Read More

Heiwa denied the Dragon Ball claim。For a time,Everyone has their own opinions,Arguing in the conference room。Finally, Wang Lin asked Dragon Ball to preside over the meeting,Let Heiwa list the actual problems they encountered for discussion,Seek new countermeasures。

Wang Lin called Xia Jian to his office,Then I called Jin Yimei,The three of them had a small meeting。Because of something,Let the people below speak,I can’t tell the point at … Read More

But this limit is not to be compared with big eyes,Is the holy emperor and the fire god,Li Tan can’t touch other people’s heels,This is the sorrow of ordinary Tianzun,The strength of the cultivation base is already extremely powerful,But the knowledge of the rules is very low-end,In the eyes of the big eyeballs, it is simply primitive and ignorant。

The strength of the Holy Emperor and the Fire Heavenly Venerate is infinitely close to the legendary Holy Realm.,Only break through that level,They may be able to compare with big … Read More


This person doesn’t look very old,Courage is quite fat,Madness,Like junior character。 Old Lu whispered in secret words,Naturally, I don’t see it。 Xia Chenglong nodded,Such people do have a bit of … Read More


Xia Chenglong agreed softly,Then pass the token to the other party。 After seeing the token, the old man glanced at the people behind him,Then they made a gesture together,Then their … Read More