Hu Li’s punch was made with a broken punch,Fast and fierce,Sun Yang,Punch Yan Yu,Although there is a priority,But the two tricks were performed one after another,As fast as an electric flash,Yan Yu is waiting to be parried,Fist has reached the door,Finally, he is also a master at the beginning of the fifth stage,The body reacts naturally,Head back sharply,Two hollow buckets turned backwards,This is the time to avoid this heavy blow。

Hu Li between two moves,Forced back the two masters,Arrogant,Loudly:“She Letian won’t come,Just relying on your two scraps is not enough!” Sun Yang and Yan Yu are also 5th grade masters,Master … Read More

“It’s not time yet,We want to be wretched。You saw it before,Just because we moved a bit bigger,The blasting mercenary group will look for us as the target,And killed several members of the Miyamoto family。A few are also lying in the intensive care unit now。The Miyamoto family is panicking now,Don’t be too aggressive。”

“But if you do nothing,Is it really too late??”Firmino is still worried。Although he is the son of the foundation,But there are not many things to do by yourself。Especially this kind … Read More