Duan Yuxi, the exterior of Yang A County, the front of the army,The word opened a hundred altars.。Ten cavalry standing in front of Duanhao,He will have a good wine on the ground,Hand in one altar,Send it to each other。

“Hurt,Not a military law today。” Duan Yu haha laughed,Luxuriant。 “Xie 200!” This ten people will pick up the wine and drink.,Suddenly envious of the deceased proceedings。Jinyang is deficient,Don’t say it … Read More

“Correct!He Wang in our village,I heard that he was very fair,That’s why I came to him“Yu Dongliang is talking,Looking up at Xia Jian for a while。He seems to be watching,Is Xia Jian a practical cadre?。It seems that my hometown still has concerns。

Xia Jian saw this problem at a glance,He laughed and said:“Old man!I’m going to your Hejiaping Village today,Just want to implement a few things,To put it bluntly is to investigate … Read More

But the Great Asura was only half right,And what he didn’t know was,Li Tianchou has two bodies,One from the mortal body soaring into a fairy,The other is made from immortals,Each body has its own strengths,After fit,Unfathomable strength,Extremely rare,Not many people know this secret,Even in the God Realm, only a few close friends know,Yuwen seeking common ground is one of them。

“What happened to the little friend,Lost the golden body?unfortunately,unfortunately!”Great Shura sighed,But his eyes are fixed on the small porcelain bottle in Li Tianzhi’s hand,If this bottle contains congenital soil,Not only … Read More