The owner of the red eyebrows took a look at Zhu Minglang,Open road:“Lord Zhu,Can you spare him once,Bei’s Villa is also considered to be famous in this land,It may be that the elders neglected to discipline,Let the young and energetic young master do evil,Please look at our Hongmei Village……”

“girl,You either stand in front of him and help him with the sword,Or close your mouth and choose the beast you want,You are not those hunters,You didn’t see their bones … Read More

The main building of Fidelity Hotel is not high,Only ten floors,But there is a mall in the podium,So the area is not small。The whole building is in the shape of a right-angle kidnapper,North-South Short,Stuff long,Presumably the Tongban Alley at the back is also in a similar direction。The buildings in the surrounding residential areas are mostly small buildings or bungalows,Similar to the suburbs。Li Tianchou carefully observed for a while,Seeing Wu Fang has entered the southern alley,Then started slowly。

His location is closer to the northern alley,To the northeast on the right of the Fuda Hotel,There are many shops here,The situation is relatively complicated。Just night,The entrance of Tongban Lane … Read More