Watching this old friend leave with your eyes,Wright also intends to leave this homeland。Now he is respected as the god of war by the people of the Puang Empire and the entire Magnolia continent,Naturally also shoulder its responsibilities。Guarding the Magnolia Continent,Nature also protects one’s hometown。

“Humph!”Wright’s eyes lit up,just now,His consciousness swept across this area of the Northland,But found a sanctuary that I had never seen before。 Not just never seen,There are still some secluded … Read More

But now we need the main push Xin system,And to promote the Xin system,Changxiang Technology needs a nationwide data center network,In order to build this network,Now Ge Lingyue has discussed with Wang Yufei several times about introducing strategic partners。

It was just rejected by Wang Yufei。 The funds invested in construction now are mainly self-owned funds saved before,The fees charged for external authorization of brain-computer chips and ten lithography … Read More

2021year8month,The pinnacle of human civilization assimilating ancient civilization relics technology,The birth of the high-frequency laser cannon has completely changed the mode of war with monsters。Under the attack of high frequency laser cannon,Two bigSSMonster,19headSThe gate of the base city where the level monster died。”

“Since then,Really stabilized during the base city period,And now we are relatively safe。” Luo Hongguo finished in one breath,Gratefully glanced at the girl Gong Xinlan who was sitting with him。 … Read More

That physical body is Li Xiucheng’s reincarnation,Li Tianyu himself in this life,Sounds messy,Actually, Li Xiucheng was the first to cultivate immortals,Become a god,There are two flesh bodies and one golden body of the true god,Can be described as great,Physically Constant,Can cross the sky,Branded Void。

The space of the deep hidden domain under the fusion of the three bodies is extremely vast,Like a new world born under chaos,Taoism is self-contained,Immortal,Tyrannical,Unique throughout the ages。That’s why the … Read More


899 kill The airship gallops onto the sea,Like a dolphin jumping on the sea。 Don’t think An Nan and Xia are two different countries,In fact, the distance from An Nan … Read More

Xia Jian motioned to Xi Zhen,Xi Zhen opened the folder and said:“Calculated based on survey,Rent per mu of first-class land600Yuan per year,The annual rent for secondary land is500Yuan per year,The annual rent for tertiary land is400Yuan per year“

“this is not OK,Where did your accounting come from,Too unfounded“The white-haired old man shook his head angrily and said。 Director Chen said with a smile:“Uncle Chen Quan,Don’t worry,Are you discussing?。People … Read More

He stood in the kitchen thinking for a while,So I called Xiao Xiao。Anyway,The owner here is Xiao Xiao。If she comes back coldly,I don’t know what her mood will be。Xia Jian told Luo Yi’s purpose in advance,Just want her to know,Xia Jian came back with his girlfriend。

Xiao Xiao was naturally surprised when he received the call。When she heard that Xia Jian and Luo Yi were at Beishan’s home,Naturally couldn’t help asking:“I haven’t lived in the family … Read More