Detached Xiao Yun from outside the door,Xiao Yuan smiles,It’s low in Yunqin forehead.,Turn around,No nostalgia,Changed a sense of light!。then,Lightly。 “Hello your master,Don’t shock her。”Xiao Yuan lighter。 Take a clear blue,Zhu … Read More

All the gods watching the battle cast their gazes outside the Nantian Gate,I saw Li Tianzhen fall under the steps,Not moving,I used my spiritual sense to make a rough investigation,Still breath,Everyone was relieved,The palace lord’s decree is to verify the true identity of the incoming person,But it’s never killing people,So the eyes of a group of gods turned to the fire pig who was still in a daze。

The fire pig’s half mace is gone,The broken arm is slowly emerging,This is not difficult for the primordial spirit in the realm of true gods,But Li Tianzhen’s knife greatly damaged … Read More