This person doesn’t look very old,Courage is quite fat,Madness,Like junior character。 Old Lu whispered in secret words,Naturally, I don’t see it。 Xia Chenglong nodded,Such people do have a bit of … Read More

“but,I also said before,This world used to be very powerful,But now,Can be described as precarious,There are only five holy cities left in the whole world with great formations,As for all other territories,Have been eroded by the monster family。”

“If the world consciousness of this world still exists,Must have been overwhelmed,and so,Defense against visitors from other worlds,It’s not that powerful。” “As for how to choose,Lord Luo can do whatever … Read More

no doubt,He is a variable,For the ultimate goal of this mission, King of the Flies,His existence,Is the key to mission completion,At the same time for General Will’s command,This one goes beyond the three realms,The guy not among the five elements,It is also a variable that cannot be ignored。

“Lu Menglin,what do you mean?”General Will’s face is not angry and majestic,Shouted in a deep voice。 In full view,Lu Menglin stretched a big waist,In a lazy tone,Said slowly:“I mean,you are … Read More