The same is true in the original,Qiao Feng“Hurt”After a Shaolin,Because there are many murderous cases in the north.,Dirty on his head,Xue Muhua teamed up with the brothers,Halling the hero meeting in Juxiangzhuang,The theme is“Qiao Feng”——Be right,If nothing unexpected happens,that is“Orally criticism”。

In fact, Juxian Heroes Conference,I have went more than 300 people.,To say that it is desperately desperately desperate,That’s too much to lift them。 In essentially,This is Xue Shen doctor in … Read More

Duan Yuxi, the exterior of Yang A County, the front of the army,The word opened a hundred altars.。Ten cavalry standing in front of Duanhao,He will have a good wine on the ground,Hand in one altar,Send it to each other。

“Hurt,Not a military law today。” Duan Yu haha laughed,Luxuriant。 “Xie 200!” This ten people will pick up the wine and drink.,Suddenly envious of the deceased proceedings。Jinyang is deficient,Don’t say it … Read More