Subsequently,The magic sea princess stared for a moment,A transparent ball is condensed from the center of the brow,Raise your hand gently,This rosary floats away,Fell into Lu Menglin’s palm。

This bead condensed from mind,I just touched the skin,Immediately disappeared in the palm,And Lu Menglin’s sea of knowledge immediately received a large piece of precious information。
Chapter one thousand and seventy one Before the war
This is a special method used by the wizards to convey secret information,Condense the message sent by magic,Directly into the other person’s mind,This is the fastest way to gain knowledge。
Large pieces of information,Lu Menglin frowned slightly,Just read the main points briefly,Then I ordered in my head,Let the system analyze this message,Extract the possibility of reverse operation。
Princess Huanhai saw Wu Hao really started to learn skills in the ring,And with a focused look,Not as fake,Suddenly I feel so angry and funny。
This guy,Wasted a precious opportunity,He’s really a straight steel man with incomprehension!
but,It also happens to be this bluntness and simplicity without too much utility,Instead, it constitutes an indescribable unique charm in this man。
After a while,Until someone in the audience reminded loudly,Lu Menglin is like waking up from a dream,Hugged a fist at the princess,Replied with a serious face:“Thanks!”
The princess smiled,Pianpian leaves。
Lu Menglin also returned to the field,But his whole person is still in deep thinking。
The message just now,For Fashen City,Maybe it’s just a harmless little trick,Because the gods rely heavily on equipment,Spare time,No one will erase the attributes of the equipment,In the eyes of others,Absolutely a prodigal skill,But in Lu Menglin’s eyes,But saw the infinite possibilities。
This trick,Inadvertently opened the door to a new world for Lu Menglin。
The attributes of equipment can be modified originally,So as long as you master this method,Can create a god-defying artifact,This is for Shenmin Continent,It is a strategic weapon that can determine the overall situation,Can even affect the earth。