“go away,Stop in front of me,I didn’t miss you。”Jiang Yan thought she had hallucinations,Keep arguing to drive Qin Feng away。

“go,I take you to sleep
。”Talking about Qin Feng holding Jiang Yan’s hand,Take her back to the bedroom。
“I am not drunk,Give me wine,I don’t want to sleep。”Said Jiang Yan didn’t know where the strength came from,Throwing away Qin Feng’s hand and broke free。
“Make you disobedient。”Saying that Qin Feng picked up Jiang Yan and walked into the bedroom。
“You let me go,You bastard。”Jiang Yan danced and struggled freely。
Back to the room, Qin Feng threw Jiang Yan on the bed,Preparing to cover her,Unexpectedly, Jiang Yan stood up again and ran out。
“Pop pop……”The whole room suddenly stopped,Even Wang Mengmeng can’t believe his eyes。
“Do you dare to spank me!”Jiang Yan said he was coming to fight Qin Feng。
“Not honest yet!”Qin Feng took pictures of her ass this time“Pop pop!”Hit hard again three times。
“I’m going to Qin Feng’s room。”Jiang Yan didn’t know if he was beaten up or what,There was no trouble this time,Just asked to go to Qin Feng’s room to sleep。
And Qin Feng didn’t speak either,Pick up Jiang Yan and go to the guest room where he had been sleeping before。
To make Jiang Yan sleep well,Qin Feng took off Jiang Yan’s professional outfit,Changed to pajamas。
I don’t know if it’s the effect of alcohol or Jiang Yan is really tired,I fell asleep in Qin Feng’s bed after a while,And sleep so peacefully,So cooked。
Qin Feng is even more reluctant to leave,Staying by Jiang Yan’s side,Looking at Jiang Yan’s sleeping face,I remembered what Shangwu said。
Who is going to attack Jiang Yan??This beauty who can’t bear to fight,Qin Feng was cruel in his heart,If you let him know who it is,Qin Feng will let him die without a place to bury him。
J,As long as he has the mind to start with his beloved woman,Qin Feng will make him regret coming to this world。