unless,There is no chance to go back。

“You really want to。”Yang Zimei admires this kind of open-mindedness,She is gone,There is no way。“Maybe your family doesn’t have parents who quarreled over money。”
“May be more intense than your parents。”Chen Wenjin gave her a smile,Say:“Can’t change parents,Then pick yourself out,At least don’t be led into their evil cycle。I don’t say whether the cycle of your situation is good or bad,After all, the evaluation criteria is up to you,But obviously,If you want to break out of this loop,Now is indeed an opportunity。”
“I want it all,I wish I became Xiao Xiao,But this is born,Envy is useless……”
“master,Car parked on the roadside。”Chen Wenjin suddenly pulled the taxi over。
Yang Zimei couldn’t help looking at Chen Wenjin strangely,I suspect that he changed his mind and needs her to repay,I think it’s impossible,So only doubts remain。
“If you don’t think about it,You can stop and rest until you think about it.。”Chen Wenjin parking on the side of the road,Seeing Yang Zimei looking upset,Can’t make a decision for a long time,Finally I flipped the bag and took a coin。“Start over,Continue on the opposite side!”
Yang Zimei bounces,But did not catch,Coin dropped to the ground,She looked down,Glanced,Said with relief:“Negative,This is providence。”
Chen Wenjin is a little curious,Wondering if the coin dropped heads,Yang Zimei will really let the pros and cons make decisions for her?
Chen Wenjin’s inverse movement force……
The coin on the ground spins and flies,After Yang Zimei abandoned the coin,Everything restored。
Chen Wenjin grabbed the coin,Spread out。
Okay,No need for him to launch the material counter-movement force again。
Is positive。
Yang Zimei looked at the obverse of the coin,Hesitated for a while,Reached for it。“Don’t rush to catch it。”
Chen Wenjin couldn’t help laughing,really,Yang Zimei didn’t really want the coin to decide this matter,She just needs a‘God willing’Firm her choice。
then,Yang Zimei lost it again,Fall on the lap,She moved her palms away。
Still positive。
“Damn,Missed,Is to be held in hand。”Yang Zimei picks up the coin,Continued toss for the third time。
Maybe her attitude moved the coin,This time,The coin was caught by her,Open palm,Is the opposite。