At this time, Xia Chenglong looked at the lone wolf with a little comfort and mockery.,The persistence time is a bit too short!

And after the lone wolf came out,Zong Xueqin,Also walked out with a grudge,There was a slightly complicated look on the expression!
Seems to be a sadness,Also seems to be a kind of other!
Xia Chenglong saw this scene in front of him,I can’t help the smile in my heart anymore!
Don’t know why,Xia Chenglong felt that he could carry Zong Xueqin in every move as if he saw it,Even if I have hidden in the dark,She can always,Take a look in the direction of your existence!
To say that Zong Xueqin is smart about this woman,She knows how to use any opportunity,For example, the lone wolf is in a good mood,So she took advantage of this moment,First pretended to answer a call,Then discuss with the person on the phone in advance!
“what,Bastard,Such an important thing,How can you be so careless,Just asshole,Ok,Let’s do it first,After i go back,See how my old lady punishes you!”
Zong Xueqin hung up immediately after speaking!
Chapter one hundred and thirty-five The real pantheon
of course,To make the trick more realistic,After hanging up the phone, Zong Xueqin directly dropped the phone in his hand to the ground!
The phone fell,Torn apart。
At this time, the lone wolf saw Zhong Xueqin getting angry here,I don’t know why,At that time, it was also foggy。
The lone wolf scratched his head,Then he took Zong Xueqin into his arms,Said to Zong Xueqin in a tone that he thought was very gentle:“What’s the matter?Did the person under your hand do something that makes you unhappy??”
Zong Xueqin raised his head and took a look at the lone wolf,Then sighed quietly:“Hey,Hard to say,The trash under their hands is really good for them,So everything went wrong!”