“There is an ambush inside,Use tear gas,”Then a group of people took it out,Pull the tab and throw it directly into the hole。

After the smoke fills up,See nothing inside。
Wait until the smoke dissipates a little bit,Qin Hao rushed in。
The Stinger mercenaries did not evacuate as they expected.,But put on a mask。
Aiming at Qin Hao is a fierce exchange of fire,Suddenly Qin Hao couldn’t dodge。
Three shots on the left shoulder and left abdomen,This is not an ordinary small caliber bullet。
Rao is Qin Hao’s physical strength,The bullet did not penetrate the body,But stayed inside the body。
Qin Hao gave a cold snort,Fire snakes emerge from the double guns,Hit while walking。
Qin Hao’s aiming system automatically aims at the enemy,100% hit rate。
No matter how fast the stinger mercenaries react,It is impossible to avoid all bullets at the same time。
Both Dragon Beard and War Eagle were hit by Qin Hao,Fell directly into a pool of blood。
“Brother Hao, be careful,”At this time, someone who hadn’t completely died aimed at Qin Hao。
Huang Xiaoding directly pounced towards Qin Hao,Then Huang Xiaoding was hit in the head。
“Xiaoding,”Qin Hao fired six shots directly at the person who shot。
Qin Hao came to Huang Xiaoding’s side,Hugged Huang Xiaoding,Suddenly,A large amount of blood stained Qin Hao’s clothes red。
Feel the hot blood,Qin Hao suddenly panicked。
He has never been so nervous after being shot himself,This time he was really nervous。