Yao Song gave an order,The five strong men behind him rushed towards Chen Xiu,These people seem to fight together often,Familiar with each other,It’s definitely not the kind of picture in the movie,Go up and fight alone,The others are besieging the perimeter instead of attacking。

The five people make a move together,All of a sudden, five fists from top to bottom、Attack Chen Xiu from both sides,Chen Xiu can block two directions but can’t block the other three hands,Had to jump away。
Five people’s first move is to step forward at the same time,Five feet kicked in five different directions,Chen Xiu rolled on the ground and avoided again
493 Gu Hua Pi itches again
The three black bosses are even more excited,You know that there is no Hong Kong and Taiwan in the summer、So good mix in Europe and America。
Although Hong Kong and Taiwan can no longer collect protection fees from the street like in the movie,Generally can control a street gray industry,For example, valet parking at night。
The stronger ones are able to monopolize the gray industry of this street。
And here in Xia,Engaging in these gray industries is inherently dangerous,The danger of being kicked by a police officer at any time,Let alone a blatant monopoly。
But Xia’s black is very sad and can only do some coolies,Such as the demolition of old buildings。
There are always so many nails,Violent hands are always needed when the negotiation fails
494 Have eyebrows!
Assistant opened his mouth,Talk and stop,He knows Gu Hua’s temper,It is difficult for him to change his mind if he thinks well,But when I think of Chen Xiu’s abnormal speed in the small forest in southeast Guangxi,One person suppressed their seven shooters,I feel terrible thinking about it。
The assistant finally couldn’t help but persuade again:“Hua Shao,In fact, our top priority now is how to beat the big and young in the business field.、Two young,You become the first heir of the Patriarch。Dealing with Chen Xiu will be long in Japan……”
“Needless to say,I know。”
Seeing his assistant, Gu Hua wanted to continue to persuade,Is directly speaking:“It was difficult to deal with Chen Xiu before,That’s because the bitch Qin Zhi stopped。In the woods of Southeast Guangxi,If it wasn’t for Qin Zhi,