“Probably like this,You have suffered since childhood……We always wanted to find you,But I can’t find it,Finally meet,You don’t remember us anymore。

Qi Xianwei said if something happened,When the mood is in place,Can really squeeze out a few tears,Qi Jingming couldn’t help but admire。
“Although I don’t remember what happened before,But you treat me well now,I will never forget。”Shi Mu Luo smiled,Her complexion has improved a lot,I can’t tell that she just crawled back from Guimenguan a month ago,“You saved my life,Animals still know how to repay,What do you need me to do,Just tell me,Knife and fire。”
“Don’t say that,Even if you want,I can’t bear to let you do such a dangerous thing,Based on our previous relationship,All you need to do is to repay your kindness。”
Qi Xianwei touched Mu Luo’s head on the bed,The roots of her hair have grown a few centimeters of red new hair,He really deserves to be a child with the blood of the Cheng family……
He doesn’t plan to reveal his plan to Shi Mu Luo yet,It feels like the time has not come,What I say now is half the effort,It may cause suspicion,Still safer,Wait until she is completely in control,It’s not too late to reveal it slowly。
“father,The company still has work,Need you to go back to deal with。”
Qi Jingming suddenly crossed a sentence,Actually nothing,This was just arranged by Qi Xianwei“Plot”Nothing more,Just to create a,He will come to see Shimu’s illusion during his busy schedule。
“what’s up!Just let them handle it by themselves,Didn’t you see that I am busy here too?!”Qi Xianwei pretended to be angry。
“But father,Company……”Qi Jingming continued to cooperate with his father’s performance,can“Lines”Not finished yet,Was interrupted by Shi Muluo。
“Uncle Qi,I don’t have anything important here,If you are busy, go back to the company,So many people in this villa can take care of me。”
She showed tenderness and consideration,Advise the other party not to worry。
“Ugh……If not for so much nosy,I’m sure to come with you every day,Today i am going,I don’t know when I can come again。”
“Why do you say that?”