“Liu Fengxing,Use a trick quickly!”

“The most kill is after the black ape,Nai Dan,Count your Liu’s one more!”
“Our Zhang family has no objection!”
In addition, the six leaders from all over the world responded in unison。
“My Liu family also has a set of scorching prairie fire formations,Specifically restrain this beast。but……”
“But what,You say!”Li Ji urged。
“There is one biggest flaw in this combined attack,The condensed blow technique is very time consuming。When we gather,You have to help us hold this black ape!”
“How much time does it take to set up?”
“One……Two minutes!”
“Is it one minute or two minutes!”Li Ji anxiously shouted。
“Hard to say,This absolutely depends on the cooperation between each other。During this episode,Not be harassed,Otherwise, you will lose all your efforts!”
“it is good,I will count you two minutes!”
Li Ji shouted:“Li family,Attack the right side of the black ape with me!”
The other six leaders saw that Li Ji had taken the lead to set an example,They also brought their own family members to attack the black apes。
Liu Fengxing saw that everyone came forward to entangle with the black ape,On the spot, a child with a lower cultivation level was beaten by a black ape, and all his bones were interrupted on the ground.,The corners of his mouth rose to reveal a weird smile,Shouted after a while:“Liu Family’s Children,Centered on me,Liaoyuan Formation!”
The Liu family’s children are like arhats,Everyone is lined up,From high to low,Put your palms on the shoulders of the former,The endless flow of his true energy to Liu Fengxing’s body。
Another master of the Li family was torn into two pieces by the black ape,The blood trapped in the internal organs made Li Ji’s face,Can’t help but urge:“madman,fast!My Li family has another 8-rank master,Can’t stand it anymore!”