“EQ,There are things that have to be entangled in this side.,But I will let Song Jian and Tang Rui have Wang Tianwu to catch up as soon as possible.,At the time, I will let the General Tree and Specialist Headquarters together with Special Code.。”

“Yes!curator,I will report to the Mansion.。”
The chef has a cook in Shen Xilin.,During this time, Wang Tianwu explained the list of Zeng Che.,He is also the purpose of completing this line.,So this time is harmful, I don’t let him go out.,Let Guo Lingyun protect him with people。
I have eaten a meal and listened to Guo Lingyun.,After the arrangement,Rui Rui and Fu Ying back to the room,This floor is only two people living in the building.,Speak is still very safe。
“Snowman,Tomorrow’s poisonons are all,Their opium brought more than 300,000 together,These opium will definitely sell,This payment is far more than 20 million!”
SThe task of raising the level of 100 million funds in accordance with the ground is now very grasped.,But I want to complete a discount,Rui Rui has been planned to personally go to Chengde。
“Then how do you plan to get their money??”Fu Yingxue always wants to think together with Qi Rui.,But so far she hasn’t thought of a safe and perfect action plan.。
“Not allowed!”Heli smiling,
“Not allowed!?”
“Correct,Not allowed,Let the drug dealers complete the transaction。”Is it harmful to Fu Yingxue?,
“Is it too difficult??”
“good,Now that light is a small person, there are a thousand people.,The twenty-seven divisions Miyazaki jointly arranged two brigade’s force.,We have no chance to do it.。”Rui sharply,
“Then you let the drug dealers stop trading, do you want to delay the time to find a chance??”
“Snowman,In two days, you have Song Jian and Tang Rui them back to Shanghai.,I want to go to Chengde.。”
“What do you go to Chengde??”
“Contact organization,I need Zhou Weiguo’s Snow Leopard team to help complete the next task.。”Rui Rui delay time will be prepared for Zhou Weiguo time,
“Zhou Weigan’s Snow Leopard?!”Fu Ying, I have never heard of this team surprised.,
“Correct,I said that they are sure to know,I need Zhou Weiguo and his team to arrive at Chengde.,I will also have a killing and martial art team.。”Ritual,
“You are going to hide the scenery.?”
“Tell Shen Xilin,I only need Jing Yun and Zhou Dawei who are nine people follow me.,Other comrades all leave the command of the Shen Xilin。”
“Ritual,I also follow you.?”
“A very hard,You go back to Shanghai.。”
“Do not,I have to follow you.!Again my mission is to protect you safe.,Where do you get, where is it?!Besides, you haven’t told me why you want to get Chengde.?”
“Snowman,The poisonous venion in Beijing, will not fall.,They will be together even when they go back.,Only when they enter the heat of the river will be alert,At that time, it was the best time for us.,And we will remove these drug dealers as much as possible,Let the hot river drug market chaos。”
“Then I have to follow you.!”Fu Yingxue insisted,
“Is the organization sent someone??”Qi Rui did not directly promise Fu Ying Xue asked,
“Shen Xilin has given money to the people who have originated.,They will send them to each team.。”
“very good,The material we sent.?”
“Also arranged,Ritual,You look at people,Shen Xilin’s ability is really strong。”
“This, I am relieved.!”Rui Rui stretched a lazy waist,
“I have to go with you.!”
“Let me think about it again。”
NS412chapter Big Brother is you
Fu Yingxue contacts the organization in special way,Detailed explanation,As a result, it has been fully supported by the organization.,That is to say, the Snow Leopard Special Team, which said in Qi Rui.。
Fu Yingxue also deliberately asked the situation of this team and Zhou Weiguo.,The organization’s reply is that the seedlings are comrades.,Say this team’s combat capability is strong,It is just the scale of the anti-Japanese independent detachment.。
“Ritual,Organize agree with your request,Reply to the anti-Japanese independent detachment of Zhou Weiguo to cooperate with us。”
“that’s great,Today, Mao Chuanxiu and have already returned,I put the plan to prepare a fishing enemy and set it down.,After seven days, the martial art team did not move.,Drug dealers will complete the transaction with the drug factories。”Ritual,
“Ritual,Then we don’t return to Shanghai how to say to the devil?”
“I will follow Mao Chuanxiu and set another plan.,That is, the seoubted eight-way army is investigated this special armed for drug dealers and opium.。”Rui is planned to say,