Impotence at the sight of impotence

Impotence at the sight of impotence

Impotence is a common name for erectile dysfunction.

Many people think that impotence is yang deficiency and kidney deficiency, so impotence and kidney are needed.

Many businesses have also tried their best to promote the “significance” of impotence, and have launched a lot of drugs and health products for impotence.

So, how significant is impotence?

  Impotence is based on the traditional tradition of yin deficiency. Most of impotence is deficiency syndrome, which is kidney deficiency and kidney yang deficiency. The main treatment is to warm kidney yang.

In terms of kidney deficiency alone, historical and realistic clinical medications have always been dominated by aphrodisiacs.

Some people have statistically analyzed more than 400 famous prescriptions for tonifying the kidney and strengthening yang in ancient times. The frequency of using yangyang medicine and wenli medicine is 85% and 82%, respectively.

Currently flooding the market, the flooded “aphrodisiac” is still deer antler, deer whip, hippocampus, epimedium, and aphrodisiac.

  Admittedly, the warming kidney and aphrodisiac medicine is a symptomatic medicine for treating kidney yang deficiency impotence.

However, if there is no dialectics, blind impotence is often counterproductive.

Medical scholars in the Qing Dynasty have long said: “(the impotence) because there are fewer people with yang deficiency, because there are more people with yin deficiency”, “True sun injuries are inherent, and there are many true yin injuries.Almost “.

  The effect of Ziyin prescription is particularly good. As early as 1987, the author proposed a new concept of Ziyin therapy for impotence.

Today’s global warming, environmental pollution, accelerated evaporation of water and depletion of water sources, this is one of the “yin losses” in nature.

In the heyday of the peace, too much sexual affairs, too much night life, thick taste, spicy irritation, this lifestyle “yin loss” is also the second.

Social progress, fierce competition, increased work pressure, interpersonal and family relations are tense.

Warm kidney and aphrodisiac drugs flooded the market and abused them. This iatrogenic, drug-derived “yin deficiency” is also the fourth.

Yin deficiency is more pronounced in modern people, and Yin deficiency is more severe than ever before.

  In fact, in clinical practice, impotence is “very likely for those with yin deficiency, and those with yang deficiency are only one or two ears.”

Therefore, when you don’t see impotence, you should throw in impotence.

Clinically, the more impotence and the more impotence are seen.

At this time, you should “add water” (to nourish the yin), not “exposed to the sun” (aphrodisiac).

The self-made prescription “Erlandia Root Decoction” is mainly based on nourishing yin, supplemented by warming Yang, and the effect of treating impotence is particularly good. This principle is also verified.

The current practice of “aphrodisiac” is really undesirable.

  Impotence does not always require medication. In fact, in many cases, impotence does not require medication.

In many cases, impotence is only temporary, or it can be recovered completely without medication.

Newlyweds, inexperienced.

It is common for the man to be nervous and excited, the woman to be afraid, ashamed, and poor cooperation during intercourse, leading to failure.

You should not blame each other, blame, or even take drugs indiscriminately.

Over time, the running-in accumulation can be satisfied and harmonious.

Occasional impotence due to fever, excessive fatigue, and poor mood in men is mostly a normal suppression.

Unmarried men who claim to be impotence (no libido or loss of libido) often just don’t have enough sexual stimulation.

None of the above can be considered ill.

Over time, changes in the environment will naturally improve.

Strive to find problems in sexual life and eliminate the psychological and psychological factors that are not conducive to erection.

You should go to a male specialist in time to get the doctor’s correct guidance on sexual life. Sexual life is a matter for both men and women.

The man should build confidence and not be pessimistic; the woman’s understanding, comfort, encouragement and cooperation are especially important.

At the same time, it is necessary to eliminate and properly treat various external pressures. Parents on both sides must not interfere with, discourage, and despise women because they have not reproduced.

To strengthen exercise, enhance physical fitness, and moderate sexual life, you should always be motivated and stop masturbation.After the illness, you can suspend short sexual life and avoid sexual stimulation to facilitate the regulation and rest of the sexual center and sex organs.

However, absolute diagnosis, blind separation, long-term interruption of sexual life, and sometimes will inhibit the sexual center, causing impotence and worsening the condition.

Actively treat various organic diseases, avoid taking or stopping taking drugs that may cause impotence, and avoid drinking alcohol and irritating food.

If the disease is related to malnutrition, physical health, etc., nutrition should be appropriately enhanced, and work and rest should be combined.