2015 All-Star Slam Dunk Contest-Lavin scored and advanced to become the new Slam Dunk King _1

2015 All-Star Slam Dunk Contest-Lavin scored and advanced to become the new Dunk King
On February 15th, Beijing time, the Timberwolves rookie Zac Lavin became the champion of the New Division Basketball Championship.  Four people participated in this year’s slam dunk contest, namely: Giannis Antetocompo, Zac Raven, Victor Oladipo and Mason Plumley.Lavin made a deduction. Lavin air changed hands and the new dunk king was strong. The five judges were: Bernard King, Chris Mullin, Nate Archibald, Walter Freize and Dr. J JulietOwen.  The slam dunk contest canceled last year’s team combat rules, and it was still a single-player fight.Each person completes two moves, and the two with the highest total score advance to the final.  The first action.Pram rate first appeared, he cooperated with Owen.Irving hit the ball to the side of the rebound. Pramley passed the ball from under the basket and backhanded it.The five referees all scored 8 points and scored 40 points.  The second appearance was Ante Torcombo.The action he designed was to throw the ball, after rebounding, dunk the ball with one hand.Three hits, according to regulations, this action is completed, each person gave 6 points, which is 30 points.  The third appearance is Oladipo, his action is 360 degrees turned back hands clasped backhand.The first two failed, but the third successful, the judges scored 10 points.After the slam dunk, Oladipo held a piece with a 360 degree gentleman on it and showed it to the audience.This may be his nickname.  The last appearance was the winning Lavin.His action was to throw the ball, crotch after the ball changed hands with one-handed backhand dunk.He threw the ball for the first time, but did not achieve the effect, so he did not perform a dunk performance.The second time the action was successfully completed, the judges awarded a score of 50 points.  The second action.The first round of unsuccessful Ante Compombo completed one time, after receiving the pass from his teammates, he drew in the air and dunked with his backhand.Due to the lack of excellence, the popularity is still not satisfactory, only 35 points.  Pramley made his second appearance. The action he designed was to throw the ball from the rebound and dunk with one hand after catching the ball, but both succeeded and changed one action.One-handed dunk across teammates, after his run, his left hand was pressed behind his teammates to complete the leap and one-handed dunk.This action is not difficult, and scored 36 points.  Oladipo made his third appearance.He found Bill Russell and Olajuwon on the sidelines and asked them to sign on the ball.He let teammate Payton cooperate to complete.Payton ran ahead and hit the ball on the side of the basket. Oladipo turned and dunked.It succeeded the first time and scored 39 points.  Lavin’s second move is still scoring.One-handed windmill dunks after the crotch change was done overnight.  Without any suspense, Lavin and Oladipo advanced to the final.The two still complete two actions.  Oladipo first played, he still cooperates with Payton.Peyton sat on a chair in the middle of the court and raised the ball with both hands. Oladipo tried to catch the ball with one hand and then crossed him.The results were successful three times and declared failure, scoring 31 points.  Lavin’s hopes of winning the title doubled.His first move was also to cooperate with his teammates. The teammates held the ball and shrunk. After taking the ball, he changed hands and dunked with one hand.He completed the second dunk and scored 45 points.  Not surprisingly, it will be Lavin, but there is one last dunk.  Oladipo tried continuously, but only succeeded, so he asked Peyton to cooperate.The two ran out from behind the basket and Oladipo dunked back after receiving the ball.This action scored 41 points, with a total score of 72 points.  Lavin did not have any pressure, he also completed a simple action.After receiving the rebound from the team’s basket, the crotch changed hands and dunked.  This action scored 49 points, a total of 94 points, won the championship without suspense and became the new Dunk King.(Angkor)