Boss raised her hand,Cover your mouth,Chuckle:

“Starshine,I didn’t expect you to be so cute,I just joked with you,Why did you really explain it to me??”
Tian Xingyao looked at the lady boss,I also smiled helplessly。
Since I came to this bridal shop,Then there is something serious。So the lady boss asked:
“Starshine,Should I buy or rent a wedding dress this time??”
Tian Xing Yao pointed to Xiao Fan beside him,And said to the boss:“These two are the guests,You should ask them this question。”
The lady boss then turned her gaze on Xiao Fan。
By the way, the lady boss has seen many grooms,But like Xiao Fan,But it’s the first time I met。
Except for very few words,The other boss ladies really can’t find anything wrong。
height、Looks、momentum,That’s really impeccable。
Tian Xingyao seems to have noticed the look of the boss,I knew that the proprietress’s idiotic disease should have been committed。
and so,He directly raised his head and rolled his eyes to the ceiling,The boss is good with everything,It’s easy to get lost when you see a handsome guy。
and so,Tian Xingyao walked to the boss’s side,Then said:“Boss lady!”
One sentence,No need to say more,The boss already understood what Tian Xing Yao meant。