“Yes,”The calmness of my boss affected Xiao Liu,He calmed down quickly,After drinking,He said to Huang He:“That’s it,Just now,A bunch of people came with Rawls around their necks·Royce’s work permit person,Ask if you are interested in coming to Rolls·Royce,And said that as long as everyone is willing to come、Rolls·Royce signs a contract,Rolls·Royce will take care of their work visa issues;

In terms of treatment,They said that the treatment of all Huaxia employees is similar to that of Rolls·The local employees within the Royce Group are the same,Will not treat everyone differently;
In addition,These people also said,Considering that everyone doesn’t own a house,Rolls·Royce can help coordinate,Help everyone rent a house,After a few years of work, I can help everyone buy a house with a loan……”
Huang He frowned:Damn brit,It’s so uneasy!
He knows very well,Such conditions,Just Royce·General conditions of the Royce Group,Rolls·Royce recruits any employee in a similar position in the UK will inevitably offer such conditions,But it is undeniable,This condition is definitely not a small temptation for comrades:At least every month2000Pound pre-tax income、100Spacious apartments of multiple squares、Save some money after working for a few years,It can even be like Royce·The Royce employees bought a two-story cottage like that……
Life so far,What’s not satisfied?
Maybe it will do well in the future,I can still be a small head。
Facing Royce·Royce’s condition,Huang He can’t guarantee that the comrades will not waver、Not be moved。
And for Royce·Royce,I saw the hard work of the technical staff of COMAC at work。industrious、After a desperate and flexible mind,If you can recruit a certain number of Chinese employees,Of course it’s an excellent thing——Royce·The employees of Royce’s nationality are not as hardworking and hardworking as our comrades.。
He took a breath,Asked Xiao Liu:“What is the reaction of comrades?Is there any inconsistency,Facing Royce·Royce’s temptation begins to falter、Heartbeat?”
“This one……”