no doubt,He is a variable,For the ultimate goal of this mission, King of the Flies,His existence,Is the key to mission completion,At the same time for General Will’s command,This one goes beyond the three realms,The guy not among the five elements,It is also a variable that cannot be ignored。

“Lu Menglin,what do you mean?”General Will’s face is not angry and majestic,Shouted in a deep voice。
In full view,Lu Menglin stretched a big waist,In a lazy tone,Said slowly:“I mean,you are wrong!Hurry up and stop the error!Let these ordinary people sacrifice for nothing,Won’t your conscience hurt?”
“what did you say?Do you know what this mission represents?They are all soldiers,A sense of sacrifice。As long as it has a little effect on advancing the task,Sacrifices are valuable。”General Will’s sullen face,Shouted loudly。
The soldiers around were silent,Because their hearts are also at war between heaven and man,Consider the two different views of Lu Menglin and General Will at the same time。
One is the desire to survive,One is sacrifice,Sacrifice the ego,Achieve the big picture!This is that they are soldiers,Mainstream ideas that have been silently accepted。
“I don’t care!Anyway, I won’t be able to sacrifice for nothing!They don’t retreat,I won’t go!”Lu Menglin chuckled。
“Lu Menglin,Do you dare to disobey the military order?”General Will’s wrath,
“Meaningless life,No matter what!Believe it or not,I drilled into the woods,You all have to go home!”Lu Menglin’s needle point to Maimang,Said without giving up。
General Will’s face is already gloomy to the extreme,He did not expect,Lu Menglin, who has always been very cooperative,Suddenly at this juncture,For such a little emotion,Openly oppose one’s command。
“Lu Menglin,Don’t think your role is critical,Indispensable for you!This mission must not be missed,Even without you,We will do the same。You are so obsessed,The consequences will be serious,Think about it yourself。”General Will for his majesty,Not hesitate to threaten。
At this moment,Carlo also walked to Lu Menglin,Lower the voice,Tao:“land,Don’t oppose the general。Everything is the overall situation。”