Chapter 174 The Zhang Family Is Angry

Such a thing,Soon reached the Zhang family。
Against these,Zhang Jiajia advocates Yunfei’s heart,Very angry。
“hateful,This bastard,did not expect,He can actually do such a thing。”
“If this account,Don’t do a good job with him,It’s hard to dispel the hatred!”
When Zhang Yunfei’s words are finished,Those around,I even watched all over here。
obviously,These things,How to deal with it。
I won’t talk about other issues for now,But here,Such a problem,It’s actually very important。
And seeing these,Zhang Yunfei thinks about it, the more he feels very good。
“well,Actually now,Since this matter has become like this。”
“What should I do,It’s actually necessary。”
When Zhang Yunfei said this,Those around,I’m very angry。
these questions,In what way do you need to solve it。
Actually this,Still necessary。