“correct。”Zhouzhi sitting on the small bench on the door,Looking up at Jiang Yu,“When will we go to the old house to pack things??”

“The sooner the better,Soon, you will start to remove it.,All the things that we have to take, have already packed it.,You and your little double things you go to pack up,Those who don’t stay in the house will be http://www.soaptown.cn fine.。”Jiang Yu has always respectful Zhou Zhi and Zhu Double privacy。
Zhou Zhiyu light aimed at the stalks around the eyes,Say“I want to move the shelf bed in my room.,Put it here。”
“Um?why?”Jiang Yi does not understand。
“Sleep from small to big,I have a feeling of sleeping.,And I also like the bed shelf bed.,You can sleep on your bed.,I want to sleep down the shop.。”Via calm。
“What about the bed here??”
“That……”Ginger smile,“All right,My name is old week to contact a master to help you disassemble。”
“Thank you Jiang Yu。”
“Your child……”
“I am leaving!”
Zhouzhi got up,Let your feet stay more comfortable in your shoes,And waved the ginger,This is only going out。
This house is different from the school district,Although for Zhou Zhihe and I wish,It may be more familiar http://www.yingzrd.cn to more familiarity.,for‘Family’Cognition is there,But it is obviously in the old week and Jiang Yu’s heart in the heart of the family.,There is only a transition from Zhou Zhihe and I wish you all the best.。So the house here is bigger,more beautiful,The money and energy spent on renovation are more,Zhouzhi’s bed sleeping last night can be more than too much than the shelf bed of the school area.,Most parents will not have such a child.。
So I can meet Jiang Yu,He always feels very lucky。
Elevator door opened。
Zhouzhi hugged the group,槐 序 他 他。
Elevator four wall light can,Zhouzhi is aiming at his face on the wall,I all dial my hair。
Next to you immediately pass the sound of the 序“No need to get,unnecessary,Why is it better than other humans?,Why do you not compare me?。”
Zhou ignore him,But ask“Feel http://www.dgsjxl.cn unmoured?”
“Specially move the bed。”
“whispering sound!”槐 序 序 序 满 满,“You still don’t want to sleep, I don’t want to sleep.!”
“Wear you by you。”
I didn’t expect him to admit it.,And admitted to this direct,I used to express my euphemism or saked.。
It’s also a snoring.,Elevator door opened。
Zhouzhi 离 没有 理 不 序 序 序 序 序,Take the lead。
This will be early,Genius just bright,Winter,The city is covered with a thick fog,I can’t see some meters from a few meters.。
Zhou Decide first go to the nanigang to eat face,A little bit,When the fog is scattered, go and run.,So hateful。
Twenty minutes later。
Zhou Zhiwei saw the signboard of Nanojia,Quite a bit of simple meaning,Lanterns also hang on both sides。
The cashier in the door has already learned the turnover.,Zhou Ji just arrived,He pulled his throat.,It’s not long, I ran out of the body wrapped in thick feather.,She pulling the down jacket has been pulled up to the top,Turning the neck down the chin in the collar,Still wear a hat,Hand into the sleeve,I feel some difficult to describe。
“Come?”Nang Ge’s eyes of the thief。
“Are you cold?”Zhouzhi sights her head,I only see the hat of the down jacket.,In addition, Nan Ge also wears gloves and a cuff with cartoon pattern.。
“Yansheng is too cold.。”Nan Ge said to aim him,“You are not cold?”
“not cold。”
“I touched hands。”
Nan Ge said to lift his hand,But only see a round sleeve,Can’t see hands。