The Central Military Commission issued the "Opinions on Building the Ideological and Political Education System of the People’s Age of New Times"

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, on April 7, the Central Military Commission, Chairman Xi Jinping, the Central Military Commission, issued the "Opinions on Building a New Times People’s Army Ideological and Political Education System, and requires serious implementation at all levels.

"Opinions" adhere to the guidance of Xi Jinping’s socialist socialist thinking, in-depth implementation of Xi Jinping’s strong thoughts, conscientiously falling the President of the President of Strengthening and Improve the Ideological and Political Education of the People’s Army and Strengthening the Party The ideological and political leadership, rounding the "four" new era revolutionary soldiers, forge "four iron" excessive troops, highlight the banner lead, focus on winning, adhere to the intensive innovation, pay attention to system reshaping, innovate education concept, content, method , Strength, work operation and institutional mechanism, clarify the direction leading, fundamental tasks, practical drop, key support, method path, and important guarantee. "Opinions" emphasized that the party must be used to lead ideological and political education with the strong military target of the new era, and closely around the strong army of the party in the new era, the people’s army has completed the world’s first-class army, and cultivated the successors who listened to the party. The combat team that can win the battle, shaping the fine semen of the style.

We must insist on the use of Xi Jinping to strengthen the intention of the soul, strengthen the ideological and political education service to ensure the point to win the strong army, and twist the leading cadres and teach the key to the public, and stick to the new vitality of the mass line to rejuvenate ideology and political education. The Ideological and Political Education of the Party Committee and the Collective of the Contract.

"Opinions" is the top-level guidance of the ideological and political education system for the new era. For better adherence to the party’s absolute leadership of the army, it is of great significance to condense the strength of the strong military, will promote our army in the new starting point. Ideological and political education has a big increase in the new era of the people’s army ideological and political education, providing strong ideological and political guarantee for promoting strong military affairs.