“From the first half of this year,Peasant riots occurred in Mexico,Especially in the Chiapas area, the peasant riots are the most violent.,The domestic situation is too tense now!”

“Oh oh,That’s it。”
Qiao Tianyu nodded,The memory of the last life still has an impression of this riot。
Qiao Tianyu pointed to the most common large posters on the street,“What’s going on?”
First0051chapter Bad situation
“Oh,You say that。”Sanchez went on to explain。
“This is the year of election,Voting soon,The candidates are working hard at the end!”
“Why didn’t you see the atmosphere of the election??”Qiao Tianyu asked,“Shouldn’t the candidates now parade and solicit votes??”
“Who dare?”Sanchez says。
“first half of this year,The candidate of the Revolutionary Institutional Party was assassinated and killed,The struggle within the institutional party and between parties is also becoming increasingly fierce。”
“Now those candidates dare not even show up,Can only yell on TV。”
“That’s it。”Qiao Tianyu nodded。
“Make the country like this,Isn’t the ruling Institutional Party going to be dangerous this time??”
“That’s not?”Sanchez said angrily。
“There are many problems with the system party,Bloated institutions,Superfluous,Failure is sooner or later!”
Seeing Sanchez angry,Qiao Tianyu didn’t say much,But he remembered these words silently in his heart。
At the grand welcome dinner,Qiao Tianyu was honored as a guest,He tasted the most authentic and delicious Mexican national wine–Tequila。
Qiao Tianyu Greedy Cup,Drink after drink,Finally drunk,Was taken back to the room by Sanchez and the chubby face。