A bunch of little guys,He is an old man, naturally, there is no need to mix in it,It’s just been a long time before I remember,Xia Chenglong almost emptied his medicine storehouse,This account hasn’t been settled yet!

Chapter five hundred and ninety eight Handover
Pack things up,Naturally leave quickly,This kind of place is absolutely not as safe as imagined。
Especially after the high-level spirit beasts react,It is very difficult for them to get out of here!
Leaving the Cangliu Mountains,Xia Chenglong invited them to the underworld,In addition to auctioning off what you have,The most important thing is to get in touch with Xiao Zengzi,Wait for him to go in the future,Can communicate better。
Shili Changbanpo,When Xia Chenglong passed by, Zeng Fenglong had sent someone to wait。
“Santo,I’m waiting on the order of Master Zeng,Come to meet!”
“it is good!”
Xia Chenglong and others no longer talk nonsense,Go straight into the car。
When you can see the city wall,A bit sad about the situation at the moment,After all, there are still some unforgettable people in this city。
“Ye Ziqi,I am back……”
“Tut tut,Don’t tell me you wrote this word?”Yue Ling’er looked at the gate tower“Underworld”Two words,Asked in disbelief。
Rumor has it that since Mingcheng had a master,The city owner personally gave this name,Word like ghost,Unpredictable!
Take a look today,Everyone nodded secretly,If they,I’m afraid it’s less than one ten thousandth,This is the mood。
“Underworld”The two characters are mixed with the writer’s own artistic conception in it,So unique。
Just talk about this, Yue Linger and others casually,Know the gap between them anyway,So there is no need to compare。
Into the city,The car went directly to the city lord’s mansion,The surrounding buildings are still as before,Because Yue Ling’er has been here before,I’m too surprised to know。
The car slowly entered the mansion,Xia Chenglong and others come down,Zeng Fenglong has led everyone to wait。