“but,I also said before,This world used to be very powerful,But now,Can be described as precarious,There are only five holy cities left in the whole world with great formations,As for all other territories,Have been eroded by the monster family。”

“If the world consciousness of this world still exists,Must have been overwhelmed,and so,Defense against visitors from other worlds,It’s not that powerful。”
“As for how to choose,Lord Luo can do whatever you want。”
Monkey King looked up at the sky,With emotion,He has never seen such a weak Zhongqian World,Or,Even the sky is just an illusion,Is there really hope in this world??
After Li Yiyi heard the story of the young master and the distinguished guest,Press forcibly to resist the fear of wanting to escape,Stand stiff and dare not move。
She understands,It was so terrible from the young master,So wide friends,And that distinguished guest still knows something about the traversers like them,Li Yiyi did not expect that the arrogant and domineering woman was also a traverser。
but,Even so,Li Yiyi is still full of fear at this moment,She had never done anything hurtful in her previous life,Over the past two decades have been spent carefully。
And when she woke up,Came to this world inexplicably,initial,She is very scared,But she is an ordinary person after all,Want to live,Want to eat,So after she checked carefully,Did not find any rumored gold fingers。
She chose to rely on her own wisdom,Then she became a dancer by virtue of her beauty,Due to the rule of Lord Luo An,Nothing will happen to oppress civilians wantonly in Qinglong City,Offenders kill without pardon。
Therefore, Li Yiyi relied on his own knowledge to come to today step by step,She can guarantee that she has never hurt anyone in the past few years,Have never done anything wrong,She has a clear conscience。
but,Maybe the traverser itself is a mistake,And she,Just a very unlucky poor man,Li Yiyi stood there silently,No words。
She has given up struggling,She chose to accept her destiny,perhaps,Fall to her,Also a relief,She has no regrets anymore。
“but,I think,Lord Luo, don’t listen to Sun’s one-sided words,This is your own business,If you don’t want to kill,Just keep it,I think that woman is arrogant and domineering。”
“It’s better to see how she eats herself,in fact,Not all visitors from other worlds are bad,Some visitors from other worlds are nothing but a poor person。”
“Instead of thinking about these trivia,It’s better to think about how to do your own thing,Don’t forget your responsibility。”
Sedum saw this scene,Stop the chopsticks,Said in a leisurely tone,In his opinion,Luo Chen didn’t need to think too much about these trivia at this moment,Now the whole world is in danger。
How can Luo Chen, a child of luck, stay out of the matter??It’s better to think honestly about how to expel the monster clan,The right one to save the human race,Otherwise, the world consciousness will be oblivious to let Luo Chen fight against the monster family.。
“What King Jing said is very,I was negligent,Then let the foreigner visit his life,If you show up in front of me in the future,Just kill it。”
After Luo Chen heard the reminder from Jingtian,Come back,Said with a smile,At this moment, he really can’t be distracted by these trivial matters,After all, the monster clan is eyeing,No one knows how long this big formation can last。
But for how to expel the monster family,Luo Chen has no concrete ideas yet,It seems that he needs to stay in the chat group hall more from now on,Listen to the opinions of other group members,as well as,Chat Group Mall,He needs points,A lot of points。