Everyone present was taken aback,The heart beats wildly involuntarily。

Is it,Wu Hao can mobilize the power of the temple guard of the temple of the bright dragon god?How did he do it?
Did he really get the favor of Dragon God,Is it so powerful??
This moment,Everyone’s eyes fell on the front door behind Gaia。
If Wu Hao can do what Gaia priest cannot do,Then between the two of them,Who gets more grace?
“Haha!Hahaha!”at this time,The Great Priest Gaia burst out laughing suddenly。
Laugh,He gently waved his right arm,The direction of fingertips,Blockbuster rise,Pave the wall on the right,The whole wall becomes radiant,Extraordinary。
“Wuhao,Do you think you have stolen a small part of the permissions of the Dragon Temple,Can you deceive the world??”The great priest Gaia scolded righteously。
One thousand three hundred and fifty chapters Knights of the temple
I heard these words from the Great Priest Gaia,Everyone present was shocked!Then there was an uproar。
This is what Gaia admitted personally,Master Wu Hao was able to steal control of the temple,Even if it’s only a partial authority,This is already an incredible event!
Could it be that,Wu Hao, the dragon god’s patron is all false?He couldn’t even deceive the priest Lei Ji?