Ou Jingyi puts the information on the table,“I know that it is a good thing for this woman.,I have passed more than a month.,I find this message.,It can be seen that her is very hidden.,Not act like Qinning。”

Mu Zihao is also an angry,“Get a Qin Ning,Now I have come again.,I heard that she didn’t give up Lu Haokai.,But with Lu Haokai brothers and sisters, they lived to the villa.。
This time is also very quiet,There is no excessive thing to make。”
Su Sei Ming smiled:“It’s because I have done ahead.,She is quiet and quiet.,I don’t dare to have any action。
Take care of the shares in your grandmother5of,This shares are not simple,Gu Ai’an, if you get these shares,The days after the future will not be,and,Lu Yi Group’s shares,There will always be retrieving,If she doesn’t need her own name,You can’t find it。”
“So now the problem is very difficult,Can’t let our grandmother have been chanced by such sins,Be sure to catch the murderer。”
Muzi:“The police station has filed a case.,Still not a little message??”
“Um!A Cheng has put pressure on them.,But still there is not much news,Monitoring over there,Basically, what useful clues are found。”
Ou Jing, anger,Too much backstream,He has always bounced an angry。
Blue Xin life and death。
I didn’t wake up my grandmother.,Everyone is immersed in a depressed grief。
Su Seiming looked at him angry ,Handsome is also an angry:“There will always be hopeful,You don’t have to be too angry,Maybe I can’t wait?,Gu Anan will reveal your horse.。”
Ou Jing, the cold, ruthless and cold look,As if the iceberg,It seems that there is no such thing in this world to make it a bright shining.。
He exhaled the table。
Anger opening:“This looks,There will not be too many results in a time.,There is a faster way now,That is, let Gu Ai’an herself。”
Mu Zizi,The bottom of the bottom is clear.,“This is a good way,Design let Gu Ai’an herself,More than one point is more expensive.。”
Ou Jingli is also thinking,He looked at Su Sei Ming, a hanginger,Icy looks mild:“Boast,Press her,She can’t stand it.,Naturally, I will find Gu An’an.。”
“Take the clue that we found here to the police,Two sides,Soon there will be results。”
Su Seiming nodded,“I have been looking for so long.,Didn’t find a powerful evidence,This is indeed a reliable approach,Other things are given to me,You are busy.。”
Su Seiming got up,He has to find Lin Ye to discuss it.,Taste plan Next action。
Muzi honing:“I am fine.,Let’s go with you.。”
Su Sei Ming smiled,Pushing him away。
Ou Jingzhen looked at them left,A time between,No mood work。
“call”He spit out a cloud of turbidity,I want to relax myself.。
He closed the computer,Looked at a time,It’s also time to have lunch.。
He locked the door of the office,Just arrived at the elevator, I met Ning Feifei who had to go out.。
Ning Feifei has been overtime this time,Face is very poor,Wearing white set,More looks like her face。
See Ocera,She smiled and greeted:“European secretary,Want to go out to eat??”
Ou Jing nodded:“Let together。”
“what”Ning Feifei looked at him,She didn’t listen to it.,Ou Jing:“Let together。”
Is this talking about her??
European:“Don’t you go out to eat?,Go with me.,I invite guests。”
Ning Feifei, guardian,He does not hate。
“OK,Recently overtime,I haven’t eaten a meal.。”
Ning Feifei quickly nod promised。
Their two have been working overtime,I can encounter together sooner or later.,When you take a lift together,I will talk about things on work.。
She will happen even when I ask Blue Xin’s things.,I heard that she has improved now.,I really hope she can wake up quickly.。