“Ding Ding Ding Ding Jing——Ding Ding Ding Ding Jing——Ding Ding Ding Ding Jing——”
With a hasty bell ringing,Lu Yi quickly picked up his schoolbag and rushed out of the classroom,And Zhang Song followed Lu Yi,Keep shouting:
“Give way!Give way!Excuse me!Excuse me!”
Director Chen, who was standing at the door, could only shake his head again and again when looking at their figures。
And Lu Yi two people one after another,Hurriedly from5Go downstairs,It’s not that the classmates who caused a lot of going up and down frowned,Just left“friendly”White eyes……
“Master,How do we get to the training room?”After the skinny Zhang Song came down from the stairs,Panted and asked。
“bicycle。”Lu Yi pointed at the one parked on the lawn“Ringer”。
“Ringer”——Lu Yi’s exclusive car,As the name implies, except that the horn does not sound,Where is the monster that makes noise……
“this one???”Zhang Song frowned,Still changed my mind,Said:“I still take the campus bus,Really can’t do,I went to ride a shared bike……”
Saw Zhang Song quickly jumped on the campus bus,Ever since,Lu Yi jumped up“Ringer”。And the sound of the old bicycle crushing the axle,Ride round by round on the campus path leading to the north gate。
When arriving at the North Gate of Jingnan University of Science and Technology,Lu Yi found Zhang Song was waiting anxiously on the spot,And he immediately waved his hands when he saw Lu Yi。
“Why doesn’t it move?”Lu Yi riding“Ringer”Close to Zhang Song。
“Stop talking about Master,Get off the inter-school bus,I have never seen a shared bicycle,When not in use,It’s all stopped,When using now,Instead of one without!”