“Uncle’s idea is ideal,Also worked hard for it,Next is me,But Yuxing no longer has Uncle Geng。”

Li Tianzhen stood up and patted Xiao Song on the shoulder,“Still time,Maybe the day I go to Caijiayuan,You will see more clearly。Seriously consider it,But no matter what you choose in the end,I will be by your side。”
Xiao Song’s tears flowed down unconsciously,If she waited for a long time,The other party finally said something,But under such a painful choice,Although she knew that Li Tianzhen didn’t mean anything to threaten,But it’s hard to get past the struggle。
“It’s late,I’ll go sit down with Qi Baozhu。”Li Tianzhen sighed,Xiao Song is kind by nature,And Qi Baozhu again、Peng Weihua and others grew up together,Such a cruel suggestion is hard to accept for a while,Better find another chance,“Don’t forget to open a purchase list,Let’s travel by car this time,But be sure to prepare enough。”
Although Li Tianzhen doesn’t know how to tease girls,but‘Self-driving tour’These three words still make Xiao Song smile,She wiped her tears and told,“Talk to Xiaoqi,He is too introverted。”
“Will do。”
It was already nine o’clock in the evening when I arrived at Yuxing Motors,It’s not closing yet,Cars parked under the brightly lit door,Young technicians in yellow and blue overalls are busy turning around,From a distance, I saw Qi Baozhu sleeping on a wicker chair under the big banyan tree。
The busyness and noise around him has no effect on him,Snoring is happy now,Li Tianzhen stood beside Qi Baozhu carrying a bottle of wine。
After all the years spent fighting and killing,Qi Baozhu’s alertness is extraordinary,And didn’t disappoint Li Tianzhi,He just got a foothold,‘Small steel column’Jumped up from the wicker chair,I already have a steel hammer in my hand。
“Ha ha,You have thorns in your sleep。”
“Silent like a ghost,I know who you are?”Wait to see Li Tianzhi,Qi Baozhu threw away the hammer,Muttering,I’m probably dissatisfied that the other party quarreled his clear dream。
“Have time to sleep,Better to drink two glasses。”
Qi Baozhu tilted his neck,I don’t know what I’m thinking,Nodding after a long time。Turned his head and shouted:“Piggy!Get a small chair。”
He is not addicted to alcohol,And never drink easily with irrelevant people。Looking at Yuxing now,Say something arrogant,There are only two people who are really qualified to sit and drink with him,One is Li Tianzhi,He convinced,The other one is You Shilong,That’s his brother,And like him, they are one of the few who have not been paid‘filthy’Person with breath。