With the three points of God,There is a horror。

one move‘100,000 fire’Shot,Countless indications,No-hole,Rowed Liao Wenjie’s big points。
霎 time,Strong points, such as a storm,Walkless in the air,Low in the location of Liao Wenjie。
Waves amazed,Waterflower foam splashes all squares。
Biller waves a hand,Push the rainfall,Surprise is not to look forward to the location of Liao Wenjie,He is very clear,In the face of the three points,Liao Wenjie does not help,Use the body to take all points to the number。
Right,This guy is not normal.,Can’t inference,suicide。
This idea has just risen,With the end of the water,The majestic looks at Liao Wenjie on the back of the station.,Push down the heart shock,God is suspected。
“Emperor,you……You are a ghost?”
“Rivers and lake warlock,野,Cooperate to compete for the world,Otherwise one thousand years ago,I am already an emperor.。”Liao Wenjie turned over,The waves of the waves are charming down.。
Two steps after hell,Be in the enemy,I can’t kill the dead, Liao Wenjie。
His heart regrets,I know that this is a crisis,I accidentally dig out the millennium,I don’t breathe.。
“The male helper,In practice, people pay attention to life,You have a gas transfer,If I am an enemy,Unlucky will only be my own。”
Liao Wenjie finished,See the generals still,No more,Straightforward:“Mud Bodhisattva,I have told the male helper,Don’t be difficult for him later.。”
Finish,He turned to leave。
“Wait a moment!”
“The male landlord also has an advice?”
Liao Wenjie turned,See the steps of the hermament,Innocent shrug,Surface moving surface,Take him a distance。
“Mr. God,Your disclosure,The heroes are reluctant to believe,Today’s vows,Will not find a mud buddha in the future。”
Herbled letter vowed,If you don’t believe yourself,Backward:“I still have something to teach.,Rivers and lakes‘Nanyou、North sword’,These two are famous before the dominance,Dare to ask,I am fighting with them.,Who will win??”
“I thought that the Holy Player will ask,How can I save your daughter?。”
Liao Wenjie Yin Yang strange,Backward:“Nameless and north sword,Although the two martial artists are thickened than me.,But it is also a strong number of days.,The male helper and their life and death,I am calculating……”
“Come and understand,Sword Shengrui kills the host,Just a sword,No name,Need Wan Jian。”
what happened,Isn’t the midrange water so big??
“Hereby,Heroism is good,I have a word, I appreciate it.,‘Unhappy,Not to be dismissed’,I hope that the male is said to be,Don’t be a puppet for your life。”
Liao Wenjie’s foot tip todped water,Floating in the body,Alive in the sky:“The command of the throne of the Heroes and the Hope of the Hope Lord will take the head of the solo one.,Judan is right,Be careful that the sword is cold。”
Chapter 539 Dog Dongxi Huilong
Lao Liao Jie looking at the wind,Heroes above the Ice,Integrity,I have never moved it for a long time.。
Until it is incense,Lingyun cave hole red light instant,A vast shadow is broken,Low-empty brushed water,I fell in the foot of the foot.。
Nie Feng。
靓仔 是 靓 靓,What is afraid of coma?,Even if there is a flavored taste,Even if there is a black handset on the small white face,Does not affect their long hair fluttering。