What is Fang Yu doing!

“You are sick……Behind your neck!”
Fang Yu Shen said,Dignified。
“Blood tumor?”
Tuco stunned。
Seems to have thought of something。
“You go make aCT……Finished eating,You can http://www.yulejx.cn call me!”Fang Yu left a note for him,Shook his head。
“Easy to go!”
Suo Mu looked at Tu Ke who left lonely,Deep face。
Fat guy looks very cheerful,How come you http://www.sanyt.cn get this disease?
This is how the same thing!
then,He looked at Fang Yu。
“Dont look at me……Various causes!Mainly because of eating habits and other problems……I’m not sure for a while。Moreover,I may not be right!”
Fang Yu looked at Suo Mu,Look indifferent。
just,Everyone else took Fang Yu’s words。
Take it seriously!
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