Detached Xiao Yun from outside the door,Xiao Yuan smiles,It’s low in Yunqin forehead.,Turn around,No nostalgia,Changed a sense of light!。then,Lightly。 “Hello your master,Don’t shock her。”Xiao Yuan lighter。 Take a clear blue,Zhu … Read More

All the gods watching the battle cast their gazes outside the Nantian Gate,I saw Li Tianzhen fall under the steps,Not moving,I used my spiritual sense to make a rough investigation,Still breath,Everyone was relieved,The palace lord’s decree is to verify the true identity of the incoming person,But it’s never killing people,So the eyes of a group of gods turned to the fire pig who was still in a daze。

The fire pig’s half mace is gone,The broken arm is slowly emerging,This is not difficult for the primordial spirit in the realm of true gods,But Li Tianzhen’s knife greatly damaged … Read More

The scorching light poured down,Mighty,Collided head-on with the unbridled ice line,Stir up layers of fog,The fog wave keeps rolling and climbing,Up to a hundred feet in an instant,Then began to cumulus clouds,The clouds are getting thicker,The area is getting bigger,But somehow the ice line http://www.yodei.cn on one side was controlled。

Two completely different powers began to stalemate,Although the ice line cannot stretch forward,But the light bursting out of the flames is also difficult to advance further,at the same time,The other … Read More