Zhou stopped:“In fact, most of them are fake.,A small number is true prototype,But there is also a big deviation。Lictions will always slowly spread into people want to hear.,There will be trouble in this process.、Have lost,There are also various people’s processing。”

“learn。” Mr. Jiang,a,It seems to think about something。 At least half a minute he returned to God:“Excuse me,so,You and it reached some kind……Temporary agreement?” “It’s just。” “What should I do … Read More

What is Fang Yu doing!

“You are sick……Behind your neck!” Fang Yu Shen said,Dignified。 “Blood tumor?” Tuco stunned。 Seems to have thought of something。 “You go make aCT……Finished eating,You can http://www.yulejx.cn call me!”Fang Yu left … Read More

Wine Well, this time, I believe that Long Tuli is no problem.,Because he sent people to people who have a relationship with long pooliness.,He he did not leave the line of Liangnexin from the beginning to the end.,He and his people are all responsible for the press conference.。

“Yes,I have long said that I have no problem with long pool.,You are not believed!”Wine Yi Yibei is helped from the ward from the ward., “Mei Huizi,How is your injury??”Hurry … Read More