Cleansing mask for spring skin allergies


Cleansing mask for spring skin allergies

Allergic symptoms: dryness, itching, erythema Possible causes: Seasonal sensitive skin Spring skin is easily allergic Case: Ms. Fang’s skin has been praised by people around.

But whenever spring comes, she is worried about skin allergies, and the skin will become dry, itchy, peeling, and erythema.

  Analysis: Skin allergies are related to dry skin, but also to the environment, climate, age, food, and cosmetics.

  People with allergies should pay more attention to the balanced supplement of diet and nutrition, eat more fruits, vegetables, less fish and shrimp, beef and mutton, and oily, sweet and irritating food.

How to combat skin allergies: Vitamin C is a natural anti-histamine, which can enhance the body’s immunity and relieve allergic symptoms.

Onions and garlic contain anti-inflammatory compounds that prevent the onset of allergies.

There are also a variety of vegetables and fruits that can resist allergies, of which broccoli and citrus are particularly effective.

In addition, people with allergies are best to drink some soy milk every day.


Immediately remove any cosmetics and observe and maintain the skin.

Under the guidance of a doctor, it is appropriate to use some anti-allergic skin care products sold in pharmacies while paying attention to sun protection.


At this time, it is best to choose a natural, weakly acidic cleanser, suspend scrub and exfoliate, and wash with warm water.

Do not wash your face with too hot water.


Use cleansing masks sparingly. Moisturizing masks can be used instead.

The whitening mask of fruit acid will accelerate the exfoliation of dead skin, making thinner skin weaker. It is not recommended during this period.