and so,Lin Yang just gave Lin Feng a cold snort,Just follow Qiao Ming to the right side of the gate。

Because it’s the only way to come to their Lin’s villa,Since the Qiao family just now,Saying they are almost there,Then Lin Yang and the others will definitely follow along。
after all,The second boss of the Qiao family came to their Lin family,This is not a trivial matter!
Because of the arrival of the Qiao family today,It’s not just about whether Lin Yang and Qiao Ming can win this bet with Xiao Fan。
For Lin Yang,This is one of the most important points for the Lin family to successfully establish a good relationship with the top members of the Qiao family。
and so,Lin Yang for this meeting,That’s extra attention。
After all, I want to grow the Lin family,Let the Lin family become a family from the south like the Qiao family soon,That is a very very important thing。
If you can,Lin Yang can’t wait for not having such a bet with Xiao Fan today,The arrival of the second head of the Qiao family,There is only one reason。
That is to talk about cooperation with their Lin family。
but,Reality is reality after all,Anything else,That can’t be changed。
The Qiao family haven’t come yet,So Qiao Ming、Lin Yang and Lin Yu had to stand on the side of the road and wait。
Lin Yang’s mood,Very excited at this moment。
My eyes kept looking into the distance。
Fortunately, the Qiao family didn’t let the three of Lin Yang wait for too long.。
A black car quickly came into the sight of the three Lin Yang。
After seeing the car,Lin Yang’s first questioning look was at Qiao Ming,Because Lin Yang has never seen the car of the Qiao family,and so,Lin Yang is not very sure,The car driving towards them,Is it Qiao’s car?。