Originally also,This level is as difficult as climbing for ordinary people,But for the truly powerful,Still not enough。

Break the fourth rank in the Transcendent Realm in just a few days,Because of inheritance broke,This improvement is too fast,So the result is extremely unstable aura。
If you really go to fight,He and the Yuan Shao guy from the Yuan family are far apart。
Although it took only ten days for the two to enter the Holy Land,But still not one level。
Tu Cancan wants to climb farther,You have to work hard,Keep tempering the aura in the body,Only in this way can you gradually master,And will not affect external development。
I was too invested just now,So that when I open my eyes, I don’t know what happened just now.。
Magma is still magma,There is no difference except the sudden appearance of the fire tripod。
“How’s it going?”
“almost,Wait for all the Lingzhi to melt into a viscous liquid,You can practice!”
Tu Cancan has acquiesced to the other party’s behavior,After all, the two have been together for so long,That kind of tacit understanding between friends kills some people。
As time goes by,The blood ganoderma finally turned into a viscous liquid,A drop of this liquid is half the size of a fist,There are six drops in total。
“Here is its purification?”
“What to do next,Do you want me to help!”
Want to get out of here as soon as possible,Naturally, let Xia Chenglong finish everything here。
“Have!”Xia Chenglong looked at each other seriously,Say solemnly:“I want to undress,Can you turn around!”